Missing Map error

Hello, i’m the owner of the zombie survival milita corporation gmod server, but when i do maps beside
gm_construct, it will not let anyone connect to the server, tested this on my sisters acc, and mine, wont let us connect.

The error is:

“Missing map: //Mapname Disconnecting”

How do you fix this?

if any suggustions work, they get VIP, which usaly donators get, on my server free of charge. c;

even if u dont play it ever q.q, but eh.

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Just realised this was the wrong section… woops

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Look into setting up FastDL

Im using gametracker as my host, they said it automaticly comes with fastDL.

Any others?

Did you set up FastDL? Even though it is automatic you still have to set it up.

Also I’m not aware that gametracker is a host. I know of gameservers which is advertised there a lot.

How do I set up fastDL?

and im using https://www.buygamingservers.com/

Create a file under lua/autorun/server called resource.lua (or whatever else you wanna call it)
In this file there are two types of resources to add:

resource.AddFile( "" ) --this is for individual files. do not add maps to your FastDL
resource.AddWorkshop( "ID" ) --take the ID of INDIVIDUAL workshop content and paste it here. not the whole URL just the ID

Here is a resource gen for files. I’ve added gmod specific file extensions as well.
To use: File > Select Folder > Click ONCE on the desired folder > Let it generate the resource lines > File > Copy to clipboard

(Keep in mind I’m at school so I can’t tell if that’s exactly correct but it’s close)

Edit: also in your server.cfg have sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload to 0 and have sv_downloadurl “www.fastdl.com/garrysmod
(Doesn’t have to be exactly that just put your URL there.)

Double Edit: I forgot the Dropbox link.

So basicly, I add nothing to the addfile “”

but for the seecond one,i make a new file, click it, then?


What do i add in dropbox


“To use: File > Select Folder > Click ONCE on the desired folder > Let it generate the resource lines > File > Copy to clipboard”

im not sure what ur saying there

What do i do for the workshop

The instructions are for the resource gen I generously gave you.

resource.AddFile( “add/file/path/here.mdl” )
resource.AddWorkshop( “12345678” )

You don’t do anything in Dropbox. That’s where you download the resource gen I gave you.

Do i need to make a custom workshop, if so, what do i put in it

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when i download ur file it says its malishus lol

You don’t need to make a workshop file. You can if you want.

It isn’t malicious that’s normal. I can care less about giving you a virus.

So I just put the file as u had in there, blank, then change the settings, and it will work?

You need the resource files for it to work. Follow the instructions again.

Yeah I put the resorce file into the server folder in autorun, and left both blank, like Workshop “” and blah

but what do i do for To use: File > Select Folder > Click ONCE on the desired folder > Let it generate the resource lines > File > Copy to clipboard

Then open the resource gen and select the folder you want to generate, copy the files, and paste it in your resource.lua

That’s for the resource gen. How you generate the resource lines.

how do i download ur file

Go to the link I gave you.

I did but it always says malishus and wont let me download it >_>

EDIT: ok i downloaded it, what am i suspost to do now

Allow it through. There aren’t any viruses on it.

ok when i go to file > theres no select file

As I said I may not be exactly correct. Find the Select option. Or Folder I don’t remember exactly.

Follow this. Gives a hell of a lot better explanation than me. Plus it has pictures.