Missing Map Error

Hello, i’m the owner of the zombie survival milita corporation gmod server, but when i do maps beside
gm_construct, it will not let anyone connect to the server, tested this on my sisters acc, and mine, wont let us connect.

The error is:

“Missing map: //Mapname Disconnecting”

How do you fix this?

if any suggustions work, they get VIP, which usaly donators get, on my server free of charge. c;

even if u dont play it ever q.q, but eh.

I use buygamingservers.com as a host, it said it automaticly comes with “FastDL Redirect”, idk how to set fastdl up if its not up already

I already told you how to in your other thread.

Don’t create two threads.

naw its fine, this one isnt locked. so, ok but the maps is what is not downloading, how do i fix that. no one can get on my server

link that explains how to set up a fast DL server- http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index70e8.html

You probably shouldn’t have created an alt.

hey, it was a random ban anyway.

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so, what next?