Missing map eventough server has workshop collection with this map?

Many players complain that they get kicked off the server because the map freespace09 etended is missing from thier computer.
I can fix this by adding it using resource.AddWorkshop manually, however this way it will ALWAYS get downloaded (even when playing on different maps).

This error also appears on most other maps so I am not sure if its because of this map specifically.

Also this wasnt a problem before because I used addon share which handeled this stuff for me. I can use that anymore however.

the collection definately works cause all the other addons are available.

For some reason, before it kicks me, it says “downloading (the map currently played)”, so it is trying to dl it. However this message quickly dissapears and I get kicked.

So what am I doing wrong? Is there a way I can make a script to manually handle this? (like if I just checked which map was played and only added that one?)


  1. try setting up your fastdl and just putting maps on it.
  2. [lua]if( game.GetMap() == “bsp_name_here” ) then resource.AddWorkshop( “wsid_here” ) end[/lua]

As Pyro-Fire suggested, try forcing it with fastdl
Create a file called addworkshop.lua in garrysmod\lua\autorun\server
-snip(add the line pyro-fire suggested)

You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) add the map via resource.AddFile

Do server workshop collections make clients download & mount the addons? I never used that myself.
If not, you might have to resource.AddWorkshop the addons separately.

Only the current map and gamemode will be automatically added for downloading IF the server runs them from the workshop and they are in the collection(s).

Appropriate message are preset in the server console when this happens.

So say the map is in garrysmod/maps or any filesystem mount points, but an addon in the server’s collections has that map, the workshop addon won’t be added to the download list?

For gamemodes, it will add the “workshopid” from the <gamemode>.txt for downloading and print “Making workshop gamemode available for client download”.

Just looked at the code, the workshop map stuff actually should’ve never worked on Dedicated Servers because of how it was implemented by Garry initially. (It searches the map name in subscriptions, and they are not populated on dedicated servers)


It still should work on listen servers and print “Making workshop map available for client download” when it happens.

No. If I add the map using the workshop map collection thingy it will not get downloaded to clients when they join. Only when I manually add the maps to fastdl. However then all maps will be downloaded. I dont know what to do

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I am doing that and its not.