Missing Map (GMOD)

I am trying for 2 days to play prophunt.I cant because some populated servers that i want to join,after i download all sounds/model/etc it says missing map.THis happens on map like cs_office,italy and all those maps.HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS?


Find the updated maps and put them in your gmod maps folder and if they are already their replace them see if that helps

Make sure you have CSS mounted. You can do that by clicking the controller icon at the bottom right.

I dont have CSS Bought ,and i dont want to,Where i can download the maps?

I don’t think it’s legal to download the CSS maps without buying the game. You need to have bought CSS to be able to use the content from that game in GMod.

But what im supposed to do?..I cant afford to buy CSS

don’t play on servers that have css maps on them.

It’s called Garry’s mod, it needs other games to work. CSS is the main thing, if you are dirt poor, just wait for a steam sale

CS:S is something that’s really needed to play Garry’s Mod. Even if you get the maps, you’ll have a lot of missing models/materials.

it isnt really needed, but most MP will but raped with errors, missing textures, and missing maps.