"Missing Map" if connect to server


my friends and me have a GMod server. For the server we created a collection with maps and addons (weapons and more). The addons are setup into a download.lua in autorun/server folder. Because on every map we need this addons.
Now comes the problem… if the server switch the map we get “Missing Map”.
Why Gmod does not download the map from the workshop? How it works? If I create a downloadMap.lua the players have to download all maps (which are a lot).


lua/autorun/server you have to make the name workshop.lua not downloadmap.lua then in that lua file put this resource.AddWorkshop(“ADDON ID”) then put the addon id here’s ab example resource.AddWorkshop(“506283460”)

Zelbs it doesn’t matter what the name of the lua file is at all, if it’s in the autoload folder it’s going to be ran regardless of its name.

You don’t need to resource.addworkshop/resource.addfile map files if they are downloaded to your server from a collection, gmod will automatically make clients download it. If you aren’t using a map from your collection, then you need to add the map file to your fastdl server.

All maps are from the collection - and it does not work