"Missing map maps/mapname.bsp, disconnecting" (tried everything i can find)

Hi !

(please read to see if your method has been posted already before posting it !)

Ever since downloaded CSS addon I have been having a problem with entering any type of server that has a Counter-strike:Source map.

It is NOT a problem with the server. i have played on these servers before on my other computer.

Like normal I will join a game, it will load for a while, but the second it will get to downloading the map it will simply refuse to do so, giving me message like “Missing map maps/cs_italy.bsp, disconnecting” or “Missing map maps/de_nuke.bsp, disconnecting” and the like

I have tried downloading the map manually. It gives me a message similar to “Failed to CR map, disconnecting.”
I have tried changing my proxy settings to the proxy settings given in tutorials–they were already fixed when i opened the settings.
I have tried restarting my computer, of course.
I have also tried deleting the cache folder, and deleting the map from my garry’s mod folder. (there was no actual .bsp map found in the server, just a .ain map, which i deleted but it was recreated when the server tried to download it again)
i have heard about “verify integrity of game cache” but the option to do so doesn’t appear.

the only game i can play is a DarkRP server which i downloaded before getting the CSS addon, because the background is already downloaded. Though, at the time, most of the textures were missing. Now that I have the addon i have the textures but it is the only server that i can play that has anything from CSS.

how do I fix this?

Do you own CS:S?

sigh, guess i’ll have to be honest.

No, I downloaded the addon + textures off of a site. It was the same site I had used to get the addon on my other computer and at the time it had worked perfectly. To my knowledge the site constantly updates it’s downloads so I expect it is still up-to-date.

Why would you download it off the site?

  1. It’s cheap on Steam. I recommend you just buy it.
  2. The content is available through SteamCMD; why would you rely on a 3rd party website?

Garry’s mod was literally $0.99 when I bought it on sale. That’s a lot less to ask for than $19.99, considering i’m not old enough to hold a job and have no allowance or source of income.

I have no knowledge of what SteamCMD is. I simply looked up how to get CSS textures, and nothing considering “SteamCMD” came up in the results. Also, I already used the site once and it had worked so I thought using the same exact site a second time wouldn’t change it’s efficiency

That site is hotlinked blocked on here. Read how to get CS:S from SteamCMD here.

the site was •••••••••

ok, it is blocked. I can probably understand why.

anyway, i’ll try the SteamCMD thing and get back to you. Thank you !

downloaded it from steamcmd then used this tutorial (with the commenter’s edit) and it’s working fine now. thanks again !