Missing map! net_maxfilesize not doing anything.

So I have this problem with my server. I have been running for about two days, and I’ve been pretty successful in getting it set up for my friends to play on. However, I have this recurring problem with the .bsp file not being downloaded.

I know that this may have been asked a lot in the past, but I’ll ask here anyway :3
I have set “net_maxfilesize” to 250 in the server.cfg file, along with “sv_allowdownload 1”.
All other addons, such as weapons and the PAC addon are downloading fine, it’s just that when i get to the very end of the downloading bar, I get a “Missing map, disconnecting” error. For those curious, the map is “gm_mobenix_v3_final” which is 211 MB in size.
My friends can only connect and play if they have manually installed the map.
I really need help with this, since I plan on expanding, and this issue is going to be a major one, if it is not fixed.

And while I’m at it, maybe someone could tell me why I get ERROR and “Missing texture” errors on my weapons and SNPCs, even though they have been properly installed in the “Addons” folder.

If you do not have fastdl, it would take too long to download the map, I think the download speed is limited to around 60kb/s which would make it take around an hour to download it

net_maxfilesize is hardcoded to have a max of 64 in source. You’ll either have to find a new map or tell people to download it elsewhere.

And I guess i need to own a webserver to enable FastDL, right?

Yes you need a webserver for that and once you got it you can use this in your server.cfg

sv_downloadurl “your domain”

And make a folder in your webserver called /garrysmod/
once you done it your done BUT remember to keep your cache folder updated in your webserver
cause it can cause issues and people to not download the new scripts you added to your servers.
I hope this helped you :slight_smile:

Even if you have FastDL enabled, the file size can not exceed 64MB.

I also thought this, but once I tried it and it worked with an 180 MB map even with net_maxfilesize 64. Net_maxfilesize don’t affect the FastDL for me.

You can also setup a web server on your pc so you don’t have to synchronize your download stuff when it change.

That must have changed then because once upon a time it did affect it.

Standard Garry’s Mod download speed is 20kb/s so you should probably setup FastDL…I’m trying to get FastDL working on my server :confused: