Missing Map: Trying to fix for AGES!

Hello all!

I am currently running a server in TTT **(Trouble in Terrorist Town) **

When people join some maps it says something along the lines of "missing map, disconnecting"
And it’s annoying because I lost so many people!

Can someone tell me how WITHOUT a website with a perfectly clear answer, youtube/image tutorials mainly.

Thanks, Fish
Server name: FishHavenTTT

Either get FastDL (Enough tutorials on this already) or use resource.AddWorkshop, which will make them download the map through the workshop upon joining the server (Highly not recommended, why download all maps at one time?)

You can use code to disable all maps from downloading at once.

This has been happening to my brother but I figured it out.

in the console type: map <Map Name>. e.g map deathrun_marioworld_finalob

That just starts up the map in singleplayer

No I mean the ‘DEDICATED SERVER’ console!

That just changes the map on the server. He’s talking about the map missing for clients trying to join.

Oh I understand now :D. just get them to download the map in the workshop/online.

Either use FastDL ($$$) or WorkshopDL (free). Add me on Steam if it is honestly that hard.