Missing map

I have noticed that client side I have not been able to download maps. It returns the “missing map maps/<mapname>, disconnecting” error. I know this is not a server issue because many other players have been able to download the maps. Also sounds, models, materials, etc end up saying they were downloaded, but every time I rejoin a server I have to re-download the same materials, models, etc. again.
I set these three things to:
cl_allowupload “1”
cl_allowdownload “1”
cl_download filter “all”

Well the maps problem is the server’s fault. The second problem I have no idea. Are you sure your downloading the exact same materials, models, and sounds?

Yes very sure. I noticed every time I would rejoin the same server it would have the same amount of models, etc. and they were the exact same. Also if it is the server’s fault for the map issue how come other people except me can join?

Because they have the map. :confused:
I still have no idea about the second though. Try reinstalling Gmod?

I have tried to reinstall Gmod, and nothing

Missing map = You don’t have the map. Go download it. www.garrysmod.org

I know I do not have the map… I have also realized that this is not a server issue. My friend was able to download the same map from the same server, while I am still unable to download the map from the server. It is the gmp_p1 from Pulsar Effect’s server, and it is not available anywhere to download, but the server.

People who run servers need to not be retarded and set the max_netfilesize to 64 instead of 16. That is how the map is allowed to be downloaded.

Yeah, but that can’t be the problem because if so then my friend wouldn’t be able to get it. Do you think it is an issue with the Source Engine because this happens on CS:S, and HLDM also

this happens to me too is it a router issue cuz my router is a piece of crap D: