Missing maps?????!

So, after a long time, i decided to start my dedicated server again (hosting from my own computer) and when i tried to join it, it started saying missing map… I had hosted for like 1 year before, and now it says that with every map i try to join with


Help please?

What are the maps.

so far i tried it with rp_oviscity_gmc4_final and rp_downtown_v2… as i said, my friend can join teh server just fine.

Is the map actually in your Gmod folder?

in the maps folder. I think you missed the fact that i said, it worked before…

Both on server and local gmod


Reinstall Gmod then update the server.

Epic bump Killer Pie… Check list time!
Got the map in the launch line (+map gm_construct)
Got the map in the right folder (C:/Program Files(x86)/Valve/jbs-server/orangebox/garrysmod/maps
Is it the bsp!?
Have you got the maps!!???
Am I getting to you?