Missing material 'editor/wireframe'?

I get this message everytime I start my Hammer (from Source SDK Base 2013), configured to GMod by following this guide. However it works fine with the HL2 config. But does this configuration limit me somehow? I want to see GMod materials, models and entities I mean. I tried to change the game executable folders (in the HL2 config) to GMod, but then my GMod starts with an error of not finding the client.dll

Also how can I put CSS or episode stuff into Hammer? Probably dumb but I’m kinda new to this and couldn’t find it anywhere- almost all those guides around the net are for the non-SteamPipe version…

Try using my Source Multi-Tool.

Use this guide for setting up customConfig for Garrys Mod.

I already fixed it by using the HL2 configuration, I just changed map saving location and few other things. I cannot get the run map from GMod executable working though, and I have no idea how do I import any textures from CSS, GMod etc. into that. Gonna try the multitool

Edit: It works flawlessly, I can finally mount those CSS/GMod and other textures! Really nice tool, joined the group :wink: