Missing Materials in PHX 3

All of the materials from the XQM props in my PHX 3 pack are missing. This includes the Rails and Rollercoaster props, the XQM buttons, and a few other things. Assistance in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Have you installed it via SVN? if not do so.
If you have, i’d suggest re-installing it (of course deleting the one you got atm. first).
Did you remember to plug it in? (joke)
If you have already done it all, say so i’ll try to find other solutions some more :).

I’ll try deleting the one I have and re-install it.

Or SVN update it!?

I forgot to plug mine in… damn

Updating to the latest SVN revision will fix it up, something went AWOL with the repository for a day or so.

Problem solved! An update was all it needed. Thanks for the help.