Missing Models, Engineer is missing faceposing.

I only just noticed all of this.

Regarding missing models, at first it was just a few Left 4 Dead models that were missing. They were there, but not visible. When I downloaded the Anon/Slenderman model pack aswell, Slenderman was working, but Anon wasn’t visible, nor collidable, but was still there if I reverted the addition.

Then when I started playing ZS, I noticed some players were missing their models. I shrugged it off as a glitch, but when I later went to take a look inside the player models folder and spawned one of the male rebel playermodels, I learnt ALL of the male rebels were missing their models (Atleast the playermodel variety) aswell.

Also, on a different note, when I was posing, I set up an Engineer, and proceeded to use the faceposing tool on him… except no circle came around his head. All of the other models work fine, I’m not sure if HWM Engineer works though.

Can anyone help me out?

Just wanna update: Male_01 and 09 have returned, but now female_01 and 02 are missing their models now. I’d also like to note I have the TnB megapack installed, which does override rebel textures and removes the beanies on female_01 and 02.

If the model detail is low enough, posing on some ragdolls will disable, but the missing models, thats a other story.

All my video settings are on highest, and the engineer is the only one affected.

Still, the missing model issues is the biggest problem here.

Tweak with the expression scale.

Ah, I just found out that the engineer still has faceposing - it’s just that circle isn’t there anymore.

Still, the invisible model issue is still around.