Missing Models/Textures - RP_EvoCity_v2d

In RP_EvoCity_V2d( not rp_evocity2_v2p ), I am missing a bunch of models and textures. Almost all. The skybox, some road, buildings, trees, floors, and a lot more. I deleted my SVN of SicknessModels and EvoCityExtras, and reinstalled it with SVN, and everything is still missing. Can someone help?

Do you have Half-Life 2: Episode 2?

Yes, I have the following games:

HL2:Lost Coast

But the version of evocity I am having the problem with, I am pretty sure you don’t need Ep1 or Ep2. I am using this version:

I am not very sure because I don’t know that version of Evo2 require CS:S but maybe it’s because you don’t own Counter-Strike: Source.

This map uses css textures. Your pretty much skrewd unless someone has a css texture pack.

I have CS:S.

Are you sure that you have CS:S on steam on the same account garrysmod is on, and that it is mounted in garrysmod?

The server I play on uses this version of evocity.


Yes, I do have CS:S on Steam, and on the same account GMod is on, and it is mounted. But I went to my playlist and it said Update Paused, so i’m finishing installing it.


It’s fixed. I have all models and textures.

Same thing happened with me yesterday.
CSS updated and now they’re back.
Wonder what they did.

The Map uses Custom textures by the person…