Missing Reflective Textures after changing time to night, need help.

Hello, I dug up this old, unfinished version of a Rock2 map for TF2, I fixed all of the little glitches and gameplay issues myself after watching numerous tutorials, but I cannot find a fix for this. (New to hammer completely.)

I wanted to change the time to night on the map, I changed the skybox and the lighting, everything looks good, but now all reflective surface such as water and the floor are missing textures and look ugly purple. It isn’t leaks, as the map textures are fine in daytime, if definitely has something to do with changed lighting.

Here’s some photos. Any help would be appreciated.

And sorry if this is a dumb question and I missed something horribly obvious, but I’m EXTREMELY new to hammer.
Thanks :smiley:

Build cubemaps in both LDR and HDR.

Thank you! Giving it a shot now.

Edit Worked perfectly! Thanks!