Missing Servers and Gamemodes

I start up Garry’s Mod and i’m trying to join my favourite Deathrun server which is the lifepunch servers but they don’t seem to load up. So I try to join a different game mode which is GTower which I can’t seem to find anywhere? What do I do and please help ASAP!

There are only 560 People playing TTT at 2PM?


A lot of people are having this issue. Legacy browser still works though.

No it doesn’t. It doesn’t even show Lifepunch and GTower servers…

Legacy browser is not working for me either. Our server does NOT show up in the search results even with filters. We have just added a new Flood server and it isn’t getting any new players while our other established server is entirely full.

Connect manually through console by typing “connect <IP>”

It’s gonna take forever to join every server that I want to join with an IP Address…

Time Zone

AJ this issue has nothing to do with your time zone. It’s an ongoing issue with Garry’s Mod where the server list won’t fully refresh 100% of the servers. It’s only displaying a small amount of them.

Then add it to your favorites by using the IP