Missing sounds in Multiplayer

Basically, I have an issue whereby the bulk of my sounds do not play in multiplayer. All the sounds for my map all play fine and can be heard when ran in SP, however as soon as its uploaded to a server, most of them seem to vanish, killing the atmosphere of my map. Am I missing something? Or is this a server-side issue?

The server misses the sounds.

Did you pakrat them ?

They’re not custom sounds, as far as I know they are bog standard HL2 sounds and I’ve double checked a few of them too.

So, they are ambient_generic’s ? I had the same problem with them, just unselect start silent and then test it in mp.

Non-of them start as silent, problem is some sounds play, and others don’t and have exactly the same properties, I think its probably going to be that they are missing from the server.