Missing SWEPS

When i get on a different game mode other than sandbox, lets say i joined a darkrp server, and had a thief as a job. When i try to select the swep (Lockpick, keypad cracker) its not in my menu, you can see the black bar to represent the weapon, but i cant select it and use it. Also happens with Go Fish, and etc.
I’ve tryed respawning, reconnecting, redownloading the sweps from gmod.org, and right now reinstalling…
PLEASE HELP ME, i need this to be fixed! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Reinstalling didn’t help. If anyone can’t figure it out, then i’ll have to delete my garrysmod folder :frowning:


Screw it, I’m going to delete my gmod folder :’( No one could help me! D’:

A majority of the DarkRP SWEPs actually can’t be seen. The keys are just scripts. So is the pocket. That might be your issue.

its really hard to explain but im just deleting my gmod folder and i redownloaded what i needed so it wont be long until i play my favorite server again :smiley:

my gmod folder is 3.63 GB :\ its gonna take a while on vista D:

I Figured out that i got that lua_temp virus, so i just deleted that folder then i was good to go! :slight_smile: