Missing textures and ERRORs

Hello, suddenly a whole lot of textures disappeared. Mainly guns, none or them will load and there is simply an error sign over my head and or others. Also the tool bar at the top where you find you gravity gun/physics gun and other tools you have is not there. It never has been and this has been an excuse to bring this error up also.

I have tried many things to fix the missing textures problem, I have verified game cached files, defragged, and many others. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall. but that doesn’t work either. When I uninstall and try to reinstall it automatically skips to 3.x gbs finished in the download.

Thank you for you help, Victori0us

is the gmod you have legit? if it is, idk.
But if its a cracked version…then that’s why, not saying you do have a cracked, just saying.
otherwise delete the folder garrysmod that is in the first garrysmod folder. then start the game. if it doesn’t work, then the only thing i can think of is you installed a messed up mod.