Missing textures and models all the time

I bought Gmod 10 yesterday, but I just can’t seem to download models and textures properly from servers. Whenever I join a server all the walls are missing-texture-purple, the skybox is messy and hurts my eyes, and all the models I see are just “ERROR”-models.

What did I do wrong?

only time the skybox ever messed up for me was when CS:S updated and i needed to reload CSS into my addons.

my advise: uncheck all of the different included games, restart gmod, check them again and restart again, then try

Oh, so I do really need CSS to make this game work correctly?

Ignore first poster. You need to buy CS:S, gmod uses it often, it may also be wise to just buy the orange box too, because gmod uses episode one and two.

If you already own these games then

  1. Make sure they are selected in your ‘extensions’ menu.
  2. Enable downloads from servers in options->multiplayer.

If you are playing on sandbox servers make sure you have PHX3 and wiremod downloaded.

Otherwise play on servers that don’t use CS:S or the orangebox, garrysmod works fine without it.

Dammit… Looks like I’ll have to order CS:S then. (Already got Orange Box)
Thanks for the replies.

EDIT: Where do I find the extensions menu?

it’s in the main menu, so esc->extentions.

Danke mein hardhatted friend.

Alternatively, you can get ALL the supportible games (except for Zeno Clash) by buying the Valve Complete Pack. (Which I did.)

For the error models, the server may be using custom models such us PHX pack and etc… you have to get them manually.