Missing textures and models from other games


I’ve recently started playing GMod and I’d like to enjoy some mods, but they always show lots of errors an missing textures. I’ve figured out these are from other games and the only one I have is TF2.

Two questions now:

  1. Is it legal to get other games’ content to use in GMod so I can enjoy the mods?
  2. If it’s not, can someone provide the list of most popular games used by modders? Will make it faster than trying one-by-one, especially since my funds are fairly low…

I will greatly appreciate any help.

Some mods are free and some don’t need a source game in order to run as they have the engine itself already.

It isn’t legal to download game content from elsewhere and it isn’t permitted in this forum though.

Some games are cheap like CS:S, if you have enough money buy CSS and the Orange Box. And you’ll get the non-free version of TF2 as well.

Okay, thank you. What aside CSS? Will Orange Box let me mod the game without worrying to see missing content? (not counting modder’s fault of course)

You get SDK with it, so you can create mods, and you don’t need to drag the content out, GMod handles the mounting itself. And if you create custom content you can easily pakrat them in.

You can get game content from here

Thease addons are VERY glitchy and incomplete but its better than nothing

it would be better to buy the games