Missing textures for no reason?


Sorry if the title isn’t very descriptive.

Anyway, Im missing textures for this map:

It says it only requires Episode 2, and I do have Episode 2 installed.

However, Im not missing textures for the rest of the map, just inside the building:

Do you have Counter Strike source?
I’m playing the map now no errors

Yes, I do.

Strange it works for me
dit you install the materials folder?

Yes. I installed the Materials, maps, and settings folders.

Garrysmod menu --> Extensions --> Game Content ?

Im guessing your referring to Episode 2 content? Yes. Its checked.

Download the map and replace all the files

Try devilkill’s method, if that doesn’t work, try this: go to Steam>Library>Right Click GMOD>Click Properties>Go to the Tab “Local Files”>Do both “Verify Integrity of game cache” and “Defragment cache files”.

And if that doesn’t work, reinstall Garry’s Mod. I know it sucks but that might be the problem. But the Verify Integrity of game cache should solve the problem.

The “Verify Integrity of game cache” and “Defragment cache files” route didn’t work. Im going to see if reinstalling GMod will work.