Missing textures Help

Sup FPS I am fairly new to mapping and haven’t learned too much but I thought since I couldn’t get any info about this on the web I’d come here.

Anyways I have spent a good amount of time making a custom map for my friends server. The map was great for a while but then we got bored of it. I changed the whole map to TF2 textures and also added a few TF2 props.

This is where I have come at a crossroads; The people who have TF2 love it
the people who do not have TF2 (some of them long veterans of the server) can’t see shit and are now pissed

I have come up with 2 solutions (and not using tf2 textures isn’t one of them)

is there any possible way that The server owner can “force” TF2 Textures onto the people who dont have them?

if that is impossible can i make copy’s of all of the TF2 materials and make them custom textures and then add that to the server?

Thanks to everyone who actually helps :smiley:

While illegal, there are two solutions:
Let them download the textures from the server via a .res file, or pack them into the BSP file.

Pakrat or export the textures from the GCF