Missing textures on sb_voyages

I don’t know why, but I am missing textures for this map. On Earth, I have errors around the houses and the water is pink and black, and the moon surface, not the atmosphere is pink and black. the lava planet i can see fine until i get inside of it and i can see the lava but not the rock…

its annoying and I Downloaded it from the mirror 2 and 3 on Garrysmod.org/downloads

I have HL2 installed, HL2 deathmatch, and CSS too…

whats the problem?

How did you install it? In your addons folder or in steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod?

are you new to gmod? your computer may not have downloaded the correct materials yet, or you may not have the game that the map borrows the materials and models from.

no ive had garrysmod since it came out… i just haven’t played for a while…

I installed it by downloading the zip, extracting it and inside were materials, maps and something else

so i just dragged those 3 folders into my garrysmod main folder (the one with maps addons blah blah blah)

i hope it doesn’t borrow materials from HL2 Ep1 and 2