Missing textures on Source model, need assistance

Heya. I have finally got around to trying to use Blender to compile models into the Source engine. I had some issues with it at first but now I got the model to show up at least, however the textures are missing and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

The model that I am trying to compile to Source (TF2 specifically) as a little test experiment is the Isabelle model that someone ripped from SSB4: http://www.models-resource.com/wii_u/supersmashbrosforwiiu/model/9064/

I use the .obj file and not the .dae file as I only want to compile this as a static prop model at the moment. I am completely new to Blender and how compiling models works, but the Isabelle .obj file has different types of materials (I guess that’s what you call them?).

The CrossBone is the main body of the model, while the FaceDef_VIS_O_OBJ is the face model. They both use the model_nut0.png UV map texture. I exported the .png to .vtf and .vmt already in “tf\materials\blender”.

Here is what the qc file looks like:

$modelname		"blender\isabelle.mdl"


$bodygroup "Body"
	studio "reference.smd"

$cdmaterials	"blender\"

$surfaceprop "default"

$contents "solid"

// NOTE: The following commented-out $definebone lines might be needed, as is often the case for view models. When needed, simply remove the two slashes '//' from the start of each line.
// $definebone "static_prop" "" 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

$sequence "idle" "reference.smd" {
	fps 30

$collisionmodel	"collision.smd"

Here is the model_nut0.vmt file:

	"$basetexture" "blender/model_nut0"

And this is what the Model tab looks like in HLMV, might contain some useful information?

Help is very much appreciated, apologies if I forgot to include something.

In this case it’s the first one. The VMT name is the name of the material, not the texture file.


Rename that to model_nut0.

Thanks for the reply, it seems to have fixed it, but only for the facial texture. The CrossBone texture is still missing, and if I try to rename it to model_nut0 it will just become model_nut0.001. Sorry if I’m maybe missing something here.

Do I need two separate vtf and vmt’s?

Each material is a sperate VMT.

For example if I have:


Then I should have two VMTs, matching the names exactly. (capitalization doesn’t matter)


Oooh, so that’s how it works. That makes sense, thanks for helping me out!