Missing textures with the cloaking device that comes with the stargate addon.

I have some missing textures with the cloaking device that comes with the stargate addon and i was wondering where can i find these textures.
The missing texture applies when i use or remove the cloaking.
There are a few more missing textures with the shield device, and it seems that these textures are also being used in another addon - Alienate Vehicles.

What games do you have mounted in GMod, what games do you own and what folders are in your Addons foler (By name)?

I own portal, hf2 and tf2, and i don’t think that i understand what do you mean by what folders do i have in my addon folder, since i have alot of addons.

post all addons you have by name (by folder name) or make screenshots.


Good, now remove the following addons (folders), they are already included in CAP:
Stargate Extras Pack

Now download this pack, it’s called Carters Addon Pack (CAP)
It includes all the stuff from the packs above, only better and up to date (+ more stuff)

Link to thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1162629

SVN: http://carterspack.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/carterspack/

Check it out to some folder and move cap and cap_resources to your addons folder.
Your errors should be fixed.

btw. I think Puddle Jumper V29 is unnecessary because there is already a jumper in CAP.

NOTE: the pack is over 3 Gb in size.

Thank you very much! Works perfectly! :slight_smile: