Missing Textures?

When I got Gmount, I thought AWESOMES! Just like that, but my L4D2 textures are missing. Just the eyes, before I got Gmount I never had this problem. I had the L4D models from garrysmod.org. Also, the faces are no longer posable on the gmount ones.

And an addition, when ever I have L4D textures, and I hit exit. The whole game crashes and I get an hl2.exe error.

If anyone has a fix please reply. Thanks in advance.



I get that.

Yeah i’m getting the same problem, really annoying to me and most likely you aswell, sorry bud I don’t know what to say. :saddowns:

Yeah, I think I am going to the help section, maybe I will get more response. Your welcome to come too. :saddowns: