Missing things


I have for the most part played Multiplayer in GMod but today I wanted to find out more about wiremod so I started on a single player map.
I found out that there is some tools missing for me, like the Stacker, Normal Keypad, Wire keypad.

I can’t find them on the list. Those are the tools i’ve used in multiplayer.
How can I get them back?

// Worqy

Just look them up on garrysmod.org and download them into addons.

Okey, seems like garrysmod.org is down :frowning:

How can they disappear like that? There must be something else missing too, the tools list in not even scrollable…

You don’t download the files from a server that way. When you download files off a server (tool wise), they work on the server and on the server only. When you want to use them in singleplayer, you need to download them and place the files in your addons folder.

But the normal keypad and the stacker tool are default tools in GMod? and the wired keypad has been working in SP for me before, now its just gone.

Nope. Only way to get them is through garrysmod.org. Guess your gunna have to wait.