Missing Tool Gun Texture

I’ve been having this problem for an extremely long time now, but since I’ve never been able to fix it, I just dealt with it. But I can’t anymore.

I’ve tried validating game cache, and that didn’t work.
I’ve tried clearing my entire workshop subscriptions list, then deleting the Garry’s Mod folder, deleting it on Steam, and then re-installing it, and still no fix.

If anyone knows a specific fix for this, please do tell, it’s driving me crazy.

NOTE: Yes, in the screenshot I have workshop addons, but like I said, I’ve tried clearing my workshop and completely re-installing the game.

Disable all workshop addons and remove all legacy addons, then take a screenshot.

Just realized that this addon is the one responsible.

I really like this addon man, I hope you can fix this, code_gs, but I’m not holding you to it, obviously.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Uh, I removed that toolgun skin a long time ago. I’ll try updating it again, though.