Missing Vgui material icons/silk/16/help

Hi everytime I start Garrysmod and go into a Single Player or Multiplayer game I get this in the console

— Missing Vgui material icons/silk/16/help

and a Black and Pink square in the top right corner of my game.

Please i’ve searched everywhere and I don’t know what to do.


Come on guys help me!

Hey, I’ve got the same problem, and also made a thread in here about it. Here is the answer i got.

“An addon you downloaded is trying to use a material that you didn’t download. Only way to solve it is to delete some addons.”

So i hope you have installed some addons, else I’m not able to help.
I can’t promise that it will work, as I have just deleted Gmod, and im to tired to install it again now.
But good luck to you :wink:


PS. This is the thread I made, if you wanna check if it’s the same problem as me. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=16248704#post16248704

Top Right? Top Right of the screen or map?
oh wait look at black1333’s post i think he has things sorted out. XD

Hello there.
I had the same problem, and did as black1333 said.
I reinstalled Gmod, and checked that the error didn’t come up there, which it didn’t, so It had to be an addon. So I installed all my addons and deleted them one by one, and after each deleted addon I started the game up and checked.
And I found out that (the goddamn last addon :P) was the one making the error. For me it was:
Mckays Stargate Addon V4.8

If you have that installed, you might wanna try and delete it and check if the errors still there.
If you still get the error after that, or if you haven’t got that addon, the only thing I can say is. Start deleting one addon at a time, and remember to go into the game and check if you got lucky and deleted the “bad” one.

Happy hunting :wink: