--- Missing Vgui material scope/scope normal (missing texture on sniper rifle scope)

When i play on any server on Gmod, whenever i zoom in with a sniper rifle it shows me a missing texture.
It spams the following in the console when i zoom in with the sniper rifle, — Missing Vgui material scope/scope normal
Please HELP!!! and no bullcrap “uhh we had to lock your thread because we can” type poop i go through whenever i post something on other forums.

Lol wtf? Nobody’s just going to randomly lock your thread. This is a help forums for a reason.

The Missing VGUI Material obviously means you’re missing a VGUI material, so you’re probably missing CSS or something? That’s the only thing I can think of that happens on “any server”

Or the server owner just hasn’t set up FastDL properly

I have CSS and i have mounted it in the game menu.

Are you using m9k sniper rifles?

No, it’s using the normal css ones.