Missing Weapon Sounds, No HUD

I recently started going on Gmod again and I noticed some weird things; the stock Half Life 2 weapons have absolutely no sounds, for shooting, swapping and reload, but there is impact sounds. And my Heads Up Display has also gon invisible with fall damage also being silent.
I tried completely reinstalling the game, redownloaded it, but those did not work.

go to your addons location
“D:\Pogram Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons” and then search for “game_sounds_manifest.txt”, just type it in the search bar in the upper left corner.


Be sure to have the game closed, and delete the two files.
Go to Steam > Library > right click on gmod > Properties > Local files > Verify integrity …
after it’s done join singleplayer and try to shoot.

I have 5 directories with the manifest.txts in them using files I got from sites to access content that requires bought games, with the folders being HL2_EP2_Content_Addon, HL2Extra_Content_Addon, DOD_Content_Addon, and CSS_Content_Addon, and one not obtained by a site and for an addon, TF2 Scripts.
I will cut them for now and see if it works.
EDIT: The HUD is back and the gun sounds work (without addons enabled), but as shown in this image, the hud numbers are out of place by a bit.


HL2_EP2_Content_Addon, HL2Extra_Content_Addon, DOD_Content_Addon, and CSS_Content_Addon

Delete these folders to fix your problem(s)

Deleting those will get rid of content I need for addons and Gmod Tower.