Missing Weapons on Startup/Spawn

If I am doing something completely noobish, please feel free to punch me.

I recently went on garrysmod.org on a sort of download spree, and I downloaded 20 something addons, from NPCs through to new weapons and maps.

When I enter gmod, instead of recieving the full complement of weapons, eg pistol through shotgun, smg, magnum 357 etc, I now have a much more limited selection of items.

I only have gravgun, physgun, crowbar, crossbow, rpg, toolgun, camera. Everything else is gone - so slots 2 and 3 are completely empty.

Furthermore, when I type in “impulse 101” to the console, nothing happens. When I die and respawn, I am given the same select set of weapons.

Anyhow, what I want to know is what config file have I overwritten, so I can work out a fix or delete whichever mischievous addon is causing the problem.

Any ideas?

Have you got assmod installed?