Missing white bar in content menu in gmod singleplayer ONLY.

I forgot some other account’s username so I’m sorry if i made this one if im not allowed having two accounts, i hope i wont get banned, i made this only to ask this question. So i’m using this one now, and on the previous post a long time ago, it got a lot of views but no replies. Anyway, this white bar where drawing, weapons selector for NPC, and ETC are shown, but now it’s blank, even though the white bar is still there (when opening the context menu) . Here’s the link to the screenshot i took. https://www.mediafire.com/?z0ssakfpt60qdpr If i’m not allowed to post links please don’t ban me im sorry but this problem on gmod has been happening for months and i need help thanks

I’d suggest using Imgur for image posting, also have you tried accessing your menu via tool gun?

Most likely some addon is breaking it. Post full console log.

sorry, what do you mean? like do i equip physics gun first then do something else? I’ve played garrys mod for about 3 years but im not that good with everything yet. Thanks!

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hi, full console log of what?

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I am subscribed to a lot of addons so that might be the problem. thank you. and sorry for late reply, guys.