Missing Wire Textures.Blood problem.

Last time gmod was fine has no errors.Suddenly all the wire textures become white This http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/3448/rpsilenthill0000j.th.jpg I don think that was the add-ons problem.I also has one big problem when i turn on the flashlight.The blood on the rag doll is gone very weird how to fix it ?.

Could you post a picture of the blood glitch you get?

And how do you know it’s not being caused by an addon? Could you post a picture of your addons folder?

I finally found out the problem.Left 4 dead models are causing all this problem.Without Left 4 dead models the game runs fine.Is there anyway to fix this having the left 4 dead models.


Left 4 dead models is the one that is causing the wire textures to be missing


Just don’t get that addon.

i take all the models from my left 4 dead game.I didn’t download the left 4 dead models from garrysmods.org.


I finally manage to fix that bug already i delete the cable folder and every wire textures turns back to normal.