Mission 37

Hey everybody,

(The following is a post I made on the Machinima.com forums not too long ago. As you will read
below, we have a lot of new stuff coming out this summer, so I’m trying to generate some more
interest before the releases!)

Mission 37 is a machinima making group that I started a little over a year ago. Our stuff for a while
has been a little random, but we’ve finally started to establish what we’re working on. I’ve also been
taking classes on cinematography, so our newer stuff will look a bit more professional than in the
past. Anyway, the point of my post is that we’re planning on releasing a lot of things by the end of June,
and I just wanted to show you guys some of our previous work and our summer preview video to
hopefully draw some more interest.

The first thing we’re working on is GMod Trek: Episode 2. When I first started working on GMod Trek,
I didn’t really expect it to be more than a standalone video, but as we got going on it, we decided to
write more. The first one was popular among those who watched it, so we’re going to be working on
the next episode now, and hopefully we can release them a lot more often than every 4 months. We
do have a lot written, but we’ve been delayed in filming. Here’s a link to GMod Trek: Episode 1. Sorry
about the distortion. YouTube wouldn’t accept it in widescreen.

Next is a series that we started back last November called Village 37. What we released was intended
to be part 1 of a longer movie, but it never took off because of an extended talk-scene that was virtually
identical to that of an anonymous movie. Now that I went back to review it, I decided to turn it into a
Prelude to a series. I’m writing legitimate storylines for the new episodes instead of just recreating
something else. Here’s a link to Village 37: Prelude. We also released a blooper video for the prelude
a few months later, found here.

The third thing we’re working on is a series called “Spectre Ops”. This is meant to be a serious series,
unlike everything else we make which is intended to be comedy. I don’t have a whole lot done with this
yet, but I did release some videos a few months ago for testing purposes only. In these videos, I was
testing out new filming styles, new camera angles, different methods of voice acting and some new
editing software. I also released a test comp. of the first 2 minutes of the final video. If you want to
see the test comp, here it is. You can find the other Spectre Ops videos from there if you want to, I trust.

Finally, the fourth thing we’re working on is Messing With Stuff: Series 2. This series is completely
improvisation, all filmed in one day. I didn’t expect this to be as popular as it is, but since people seem
to like it, I’m more than happy to do another series of it. Here’s a link to the Messing With Stuff: Series 1
. There are 6 episodes in Series 1.

Well that’s all we’ve got going at the moment. If you skipped all my ramblings to read the last paragraph,
I don’t blame you. That’s what I usually do. For those of you that did go through and watch some of our
videos, I’d be very happy to read any feedback you have to offer. Also, for anybody who is interested, I
can always use some extra voice actors, so feel free to drop me an Email at Mission37@live.com to send
me a sample voice clip or a link to a demo track. Anyway, back to the point. I embedded our summer preview
video below. This is a sort of trailer for the things we hope to have out by the end of June.

Thanks for your time!

Wrong section.
And the video is, uh, okay? I’ve certainly seen worse.

The video that’s embedded is just a preview video.
It doesn’t reflect the filming/editing styles we use for our regular videos in any way.
It’s just sort of a sneak peak for people that don’t feel like watching the other videos I put links to.

Videos are great!
Keep going! This gets alot less views than it deserves

Like it. Like it a lot.