Mission map development

This is a mission map i am working on. The main goal when this is done is to kill the combine elite who will be at the top a tower.

To do list:
-Create Harbor DONE
-Create Storage Room DONE
-Create 1 floor DONE
-Create 1 floor hidden passages DONE
-Create 2 floor DONE
-Create 3 floor NOT DONE
-Create 4 floor NOT DONE
-Create Tower NOT DONE
-Create awesome gunship battle NOT DONE

This is a development thread so if there are any bugs or problems please tell me. Also if you have suggestions of any kind tell me.

Some more about the map:
Currently i have the map nodded and the npcs set into squads. There is a squad for the outside, first floor, and second floor. On the second floor unless you turn off the power a shitload of combine will start spawning making it almost impossible to beat.I have had some problems of inside squads all running outside so there are some barriers such as doors only players can open. The players starts behind a large wall and must swim under it to get into the harbor. Once in the harbor, the player can get onto 3 boats that offer little protection but one has a healthcharger (they are dispersed across the map), all the while combine are shooting and throwing grenades at you. Its pretty fun so far but im all out of ideas for the layout so if you guys could offer advice that would be swell

download link:

Video link:
(coming soon)

Baaw snip ignore that. Well it looks cool downloading it now.