Mission Mod Gamemode Help

Hello, I am making a new gamemode but I am very new to lua and need some help. basically I cant program at all, but what am doing is copying http://www.youtube.com/user/humblesnurp and changing what I need. The one problem is I cant get feedback on what i am doing wrong.

All on there looks like expression 2 stuff…

yea thats mostly what he has but he has tutorials for gamemodes and stuff too

I suggest looking on the Gmod wiki at one of the tutorials since they probably explain it better then him (I didn’t even watch any of his stuff).

But if you still need help then just ask us if it looks ok or something :niggly:

I have looked at the wiki but there was only a link to learn Lua as a whole programing language, not as a Gmod gamemode tutorial (tutorials are the only way I can learn I cant just read and understand, what a prodigy I am)