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Added a search text box to the skin picker in the Repair Panel and Crafting menu

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You should add the ability to put flashlights on our jackhammers for night time farming

Can you guys make it so we dont need half our TC to fix/repair cars just metal like the mini/scrappy. Also add about 50% more traction and an ebrake.

-sincerely everyone that doesn’t use cars

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Agree with chuck, maybe have optional e-brake and front differential parts to make 4wd. Side notes: Working mirrors, glove box, car radio, cb radio, car painting, car code lock instead of key lock, Dirt bikes, mounted turret module, armored mounted turret module, tanks anybody for end game?? Ok I’ll leave it there. Oh and poison arrows.

Edit: awesome update btw camper shell was a cool idea, explosive arrows would be cool too (arrow ideas from Turok Evolution).

Edit 2: rc cars usable from computer station.

Bruuuh yes! Turok nostalgia omg!!!

Still not a single word on the ongoing issue with the mac version of rust.

Love everything on the update except mission system, never complained anything about rust, favorite game but the “mission system” nah just keep the gameplay the way it is… Thanks

Please rethink the points store items, i’ve been really looking forward for them but these are pretty bad, the backgrounds also loop way too fast and would be nice if there was some calm ones of monuments, like if you maybe added some of the main menu backgrounds like the dome one or oilrig that would be really nice they look really good and loop seamlessly. Also some actual color instead of only red and black would be nice.

Just saying maybe please rethink.

Also why would anyone want just random rust gameplay as their profile pic.

jesse, jesse, wake up jesse, we are being door camped jesse!