missions.txt - L4D2

My map is basicly finished, but i found another problem… My god damn mission file is not working.

	"Name"		"Aztec"
	"Version"       "1"
	"Author"	"Killuminati91"
	"Website"	"http://media.steampowered.com/apps/513/deadline.html"
	"DisplayTitle"	"Aztec"
	"Description"  	"Survive... in the gloomy ruins of your ancestors."
 	"OuttroImage"	"vgui\OutroTitle_aztec"
		"posterImage"		""

				"Map" "aztec"
				"DisplayName" "Aztec Scavenge"
				"Image" "maps/l4d_aztec"


Looks fine, right? Even though everything seems to work, the damn map is not shown in my scavenge list.

When i enter mission_reload into the console i get these errors, however they can not be related to my txt because my txt is RIGHT?!

Put in a poster image.

Nope doesnt make a difference.

It shows up in Extras -> Add-Ons but not in the scavenge menu…

A poster image is not necissary. Is the missions file located in Addons>[addonname]>Missions?


Also, do you have an addoninfo.txt?

Yup, i basicly copied everything over from Deadline2 and adjusted it.

Missions file is in “Addons/aztec/missions/” addoninfo is in “Addons/aztec/”

Had the same thing yesterday. After spending hours on it i decided to just copy DeadLine2 and edit it too.

And did you succeed? Because i did that from the start and still cant get it to work. Someone from another forum has the same problem.


I feel stupid.

I had the same trouble. Finally have it loading, but not sure why it is working. I can list what I did that has gotten it to load. More detail then needed, but after many attempts I have not isolated the “fix” in this list.

  • copied the entire DeadLine2 directory into \addons
  • used the deadline mission file, but edited it with my map “Try” and only kept survival. Left the rest as is.
  • copied \materials\vgui from DeadLine2 into \addons ry
  • modified the addoninfo as shown below
  • Lastly, when I load l4d2 I first check the Extras>Addons and click on “Try”
  • Then load >survival >local server and choose “Try” under Addons

No troubles after that. Of course, maybe it was my poster file or map icon, so now it just shows the deadline images, but at least my map loads for testing.

addonSteamAppID 550
addontitle “Try”
addonversion 1.0
addontagline “Catch the last subway… out of hell… Again!”
addonauthor “TTz”
// addonSteamGroupName “tryadd-on”
// addonauthorSteamID “TTz1”
addonContent_Campaign 1
addonURL0 “http://media.steampowered.com/apps/513/deadline2.html

 addonDescription        "Escape the alley of death"