Missle D:

Hi I was wondering if someone could help me with this perdicament. Well here it is there arent that many good missle models out there and I really could use some i’m sure others could too . If you concider takeing this request these are what i’m looking for,Thanks!!! <3



I though the 2nd one could be of some use and also it would be nice to have them in the colors dipicted but if you cant I understand thank you !!!

Sorry for just pic links but I did’nt know how to put them directly on the page D:

So you want a specific Russian ICBM or just any ICBM? Could you be more specific? An ICBM is a type of missile, and we can’t sense what you want.

(Just in case, I have this link if you want to see some missile models)

Lol well if your up to a chanlenge all would be nice but, These are the ones I mainly want the US ones and a few Russain ones ill print names in the edit. looking
Here: Minuteman II, III,Titan for sure,and ss-18 ss-9 and or any SS missiles would be nice and or open to any other suggestion ICBM missle types :stuck_out_tongue:

;). thanks :smiley: <3 etc.

So basically you want Cold War Era ICBMs by both the US and USSR?

Hm…I guess so Are you going to be the one who does it, if so thank very much !!! :smiley:

I’m really sorry to tell you this, but I can’t model. I just want you to make it a bit more clear so that the others might actually give a shit and help you. Sorry.

Oh well thanks for that anyway :wink: Alwas nice to know there is a nice guy online :smiley:

Sorry for Double post but could someone please do this?!?!?!? I really would like and need D: if not them can you please tell me but if you are plz tell me also D:!