Misspell on Rust Website

Recently, I noticed that on the register page of the PlayRust website, there was a misspell where it says " Make sure your email address is correct!! we will email your password to this address. You will be unabne to access your account if it isn’t!" In the last sentence it says “You will be unabne to…” and it should be “unable”, instead of “unabne” -Just trying to help!!!

And also before you ask, the reason I was on the register page was because I was looking at how to well register so I know when I get a key in like 6 months because I am broke.

in like 6 months
Why are you even here, then?

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“Yeah, let’s correct typos instead of developing the game.”
“Such a great idea! /sarcasm”

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I am allowed to view information about rust and know more about what I want to buy and having correct spelling and grammar is quite important-not necessarily for the game itself but for both understanding what is written and for reputation-it is very unprofessional to have typos and it takes less than five minutes to fix one letter on a website, like I said, I AM ONLY TRYING TO HELP!!!

Hey Slimy,

6 months seems like a really time. I’ll see if I can purchase you a key in the next few days. :slight_smile:

He’s just trying to help out. Don’t be so harsh :slight_smile:

Are you serious!!! That would be awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! I would finally be able to experience this game without having to wait half a year!!! And it just goes to show that not everyone is a bad person!!

That SemiProJoe, drying tears and making dreams come true daily! :rock:

You speak words of truth my friend!!!:words:

The pinnacle of the community is represented right here.

Faith in humanity = Restored. Good Guy Joe.

That love <3

Slimy, you better enjoy that man’s kindness, you have no idea what it’s like to only have $10. It’s impossible to get a key, it gets out of stock before then.

2 weeks of hard work staring at the buy page

I completely understand how hard it is to get a key even when I had enough spare cash to buy a key at a fair price they would always be sold out. And I will definitely enjoy his kindness, as I will usually enjoy (or at least try to) enjoy any kindness bestowed upon me

I think there are a few in the buy page

If you mean typos, you are correct, there are a few but most of which, are grammar mistakes like with commas, forgetting to put an “s,” incorrect placement of words, etc. Overall, I think it would be helpful if someone who was able to change the website (not with hacking) would either proof read all the website or get someone else to proof read it as it would (I think) only take like 5-15 minutes max

Hey Slimy,

Just wanted to make sure you didn’t buy it yet. I’m looking to purchase your key today if not. Also, please enable private messaging in settings under general settings!

Edit: That was close! Purchased your key just intime before they all sold out at $45. Let me know when you enable PMs and I’ll send it over!

Thank you so much for buying one for me that is just amazing!!! and I’m new to these forums so what are PMs?

Private Messaging

See below. I circled steps in red. Let me know if you have any questions!

WOW I’m an idiot and it should be on by the time you see this