Missplaced Pillar? Unuseable Housing?

Hi, i tried to build my first house in Rust.
Now i got one Problem:
I placed a missplace a pillar on the foundation of my house, now im unable to build a wall there.
I asked in ingame chat and they told me i cant remove the pillar and need to build a new house…
I just would like to ask, if there is still anyway to remove this pillar or build a wall trough it?


Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Don’t think so…I tried destroying it with all methods(except C4) and it doesn’t break…(didn’t know it was unbreakable)…Yeah sorry man!

You cant create a wall or ceiling for that part now, better make this your porch and start with another foundation next to it. You will need to make 2 foundations tho. since the other one will be connected to this :stuck_out_tongue: might aswell start on new location.

Just turn it into an entrance point for your house, you can place a door on both sides of that pillar…
Just be careful because if you do place doors there, people can shoot through the gaps (so make sure you have another door after that point)

I would avoid doing that because people can use the storage crate/barricade combo to climb over the doors. You could, however, use it for an exterior door to slow the people down.

I would suggest making 3 floors on the two sides of that square, then continue from there. That center pillar will stop you from building a wall THERE, but it doesn’t stop you from building up the pillars around it and placing a wall ABOVE it.

would be cool if they added a destroy/delete option to framework you have placed, i did this with a pillar too due to lagging and it’s still there now just built around it in the end.

Well considering only doors are bound to players, it could cause a problem.

is there any talk of letting players more/remove things they placed in the future?

Did the same thing but how i fixed it was i placed a ramp and used it as stairs to the next floor it sucked but at least I had a house

I misplaced stairs today and I was able to remove it with enough swings from my hatchet.

Put two metal doors on each side… I’ve done that before… Easy fix.