Mist of Stagnation - Modeling Contest

Our 1st community challenge, let’s see if you have what it takes to get your work in game.

Please post your WIP here or on the forums you are from. All voting will be tallied up and displayed in all threads. If you have a question be sure to ask, failure for knowing the rules and requirements are on you!

Let your limits be your imagination. Any kind of melee; knife, machete, axe, pipe, dog leg? Whatever you think.

Keep in mind the weapons we have make sense mechanically. No useless gears or gadgets will make the cut.

Good luck!

I call dildo knife.

could you show us what’s the art style you guys are using?

You should be able to find everything there.

-snip lol-

I’m a bit lost over the entire thing, but I’ve made this some time ago, not finished but never bothered to finish

Would it count towards this contest?

If you want to submit it go for it. I would get creative with the textures if you want it to win for a steampunk vote though.

Here is a quick update to show some of the WIP’s that are entered.

Remember, entried must be in by July 15th.


Here are a couple more WIP/entries: