Mist of Stagnation - Year End update

We have all been very busy since our last update, and we want to share with you our progress.

We have added some new people to the team, and we are moving along nicely. 1st I would like to show you some of the new assets the team has been working on.

I want to start you all off with some new music written and performed by our talented secretcaptivation. Enjoy it as you browse through this news post.

With the addition of DavidUnlocked, our weapon modeling & animation have been moving ahead very quickly.

concept by RagTag

Models by DavidUnlocked, texture and skinning by cheesemcboots

This should be a favorite among many. A heavy damage weapon with splash damage, and a slow rate of fire. Ammo will be limited on this monster of a weapon.

This is an example of our upgrade system for weapons.

For the initial beta, there will be 3 upgrades to the shotgun:

The sights for improved accuracy, the Drum system for extra ammo, and the full auto upgrade for rapid fire.

To complement our maps, we have also made a variety of map models, but this one deserves a little bit more attention than the rest.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the SS Maria.

Model & concept by DavidUnlocked, Texture by cheesemcboots.


Our character artist Cormac ‘Mac’ Langan has been hard at work too with some very nice concepts for us. He has been very patient with me and is truly one who can take notes, and take them well.

Cheesemcboots has also been very busy outside of texture mapping our models, and giving us mappers a bit of inspiration.


Last I would like to show you the background menu map we have been working on.


We have also started our weekly ‘Meet the Team’ news posts on the official MoS forums. Get to know some of the lunatics making this mod, you might just find some extra goodies along the way.

We are currently looking to expand our team in the mapping department. If you are interested, please contact DonPunch on Moddb.com or on mistofstagnation.com.

*Needs to be a self motivated individual with experience in multiplayer mapping (TF2, CSS, DoD:S, etc).

*Ability to work with and without provided concept art.

*Have released finished maps in the past.

*Be able to spend at least 10 hours a week on level design.

IndieDB Page: http://www.indiedb.com/games/mist-of-stagnation
Offical Site: http://mistofstagnation.com/
Offical Forums: http://mistofstagnation.com/forums/

Impressive, to say the least.

All I can say is keep it up. Not a whole lot so far, but looking great.

Fixed :buddy:

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This is a very Inspiring Mod, Sort of makes me want to do one… But I have no team to do so. :sigh:

This inspires me about my mod… 1 man project for school, maybe I’ll even polish the hell out of it and sell it for tuition. I dunno.

This looks promising. I love the weapon designs. Now I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking up a concept steampunk-ish weapon of my own, modelling and texturing it.

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Not like I had anything else to do. :frown:

I remember Hawkeye telling me about this. :buddy:
I love the weapon designs.


I’m in awe… those concepts are stunning, the model work is simply incredible… Very well done so far.


Looks bad, man.


I see you guys kept the great work going after I left. Thats great! I hope you get a new mapper soon.


You have the buttons wrong on the jacket. Only female jackets button on the left side. Jackets for men button on the right.

I disagree.

It doesn’t look very great.

This confuses me, why do you have this picture of a wonderfully detailed model
and then you have this wireframe of what appears to be the same thing that looks rushed and less detailed than source can easily handle.


I’m pretty happy to be working on this mod as a mapper, the team are nice and everyone is generally happy with how everyone is doing, but it’s early days yet, I was going to show one of the levels I’m working on, but I don’t quite think it’s at the stage where I’m comfortable to show it yet, so maybe in a future update.

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Nothing is final yet.

Cruma is one of the most honest users here

I don’t think Cruma is a dick, but I think you’re a dick for responding like an absolute douche.