Mistake Ban

I was trying to get into a server and kept trying to join one, I refreshed the page and now I have a message telling me that my account is banned.


and then “{{bannedmessage}}”

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What do I do?

Dude, half the servers are offline right now. It’s probably just a error message.

Try to clear ur cache.

Make sure scripts aren’t disabled with some running add on ie* NoScripts for firefox

Are you using internet explorer?

I do use internet explorer which I will be switching now to FireFox. I will clear my cache as well same with scripts. Thank you guys!

It’s the servers / website down. Everyone gets that message.

Ok. I was just concerned haha. I had no idea what was going on and whatnot, I figured I tried too many times and I was banned. It did say that my account was banned so I got a scared. I kept refreshing the page after an hour or so and it said the same thing.

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As of right now, I can get back to the site but its blank.

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Invalid session - logging out