Mistakes within source map


Will post pics in a bit- I found a block completely dev textured.


I guess this counts, I find lots of lighting errors on their props, such as this:

Holy level-boundaries, Batman!

Actually I’m not gonna bother posting any more L4D2 ones because you all already know them. :v:

When I find a light source without a sprite glow, I sigh because I know it would look so much better with one.

Ha. Wow, I’ve never noticed that before.

I’ve seen little gaps and holes here and there, and the undersides of things you aren’t supposed to see in a playable area.

Also, I always thought I was the only one who noticed these things, evidently not.

If that is cp_egypt than it’s not made by VALVe. Heyo made cp_egypt IIRC.


Well I’m going to point a few out in hl2. Some might be because of the limitations they had, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to point them out

Pipes that lead to nowhere

Floating rubble and stuff

Seeing out of the map
These 2 might be hard to see but my crosshair is on the mistakes

Unaligned textures


Other random crap

Little things I noticed
You probably can’t see it well but it’s actually this


And last but not least
What the fuck was the mapper thinking

“Higher! Dad! Higher!

For the last one, were you pointing out the different scaled textures, the jagged edge, the different grass textures or the fact that there is a child’s playground next to a fucking cliff?


Sort of ninja’d…

ahahaha, a playground at the edge of a cliff, wtf?

The play area

You are like the people who find all the mistakes in movies.


Maybe a part of the cliff collapsed sometime after the playground was built.

This one still annoys me. It’s in at least two maps, Pipeline and Nucleus. But I’m sure it’s in more, I just can’t remember which. Why is it so hard for Valve?! DO THEY NOT NOTICE IT!?


I notice another mistake with that pic, you’re using FaN.

On a serious note, was it really Valve who made Nucleus? I always thought it was a community map.

It IS a community map.

Also way to go posting the same image twice. :v: