Mister and Misses Lonely

Did this in like a hour or so

Very sweet.
Keep working on your animation skills, and you’ll make some incredible things.

One thing, though. You should keep an eye on the models while you animate, I noticed Mr. Lonely’s thumb kept clipping through Mrs. Lonely’s shoulder. The lighting could have been better as well, but that’s just me.

Like said i did it in bout a hour or so so its pretty half assed as it is . But it was much worse (the clipping thing ) before , i just wanted to do something that goes along with the song before i lost the will for it .

Also i should have kept a second of their feet standing still before they moved though…and i dunno why but female pyro seemd to have abit shorter legs cause it was hard to keep her in her position and have her legs be at the ground.

now I feel lonely

i see at the end that they snap back to the first keyframe. you can make it loop by clearing a keyframe at the very end (press the X), click on your first keyframe and then click the last keyframe again. the ragdolls shouldn’t move out of their first pose and then you just click the record button. after that give the last keyframe 0 frames.

i hope that makes sense.

Ya know…THAT would be quite usefull for stuff thats ment to loop…THANK you alot mate ill try it out when i need it :smiley: