Mister Self-Destruct


It’s an abstract kind of hell.
I probably don’t need to say this, but I don’t condone violence of any kind nor do I directly relate to, nor approve of, any of the events depicted in this image.
Postal Dude is not the good guy.

Cop probably got what he deserved :wink:

(this was a joke, good job for taking it seriously)

dude its just a pose its not hatred you dont need to put a statement about how you dont like killing cops


did a cop kill your whole family or something


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I’ve got a history of making darker and abstract poses and people believed I was (more) cracked in the head (than I already am) so I figured…

i definitely agree with more postal 1 looking stuff

its ok man, you dont need to hide it

we’ve all been there before

it’s natural to have a massive hatred and bloodlust towards cops after getting a speeding ticket