Mitchell from Ghost Recon AW (cs:s ct_urban_player)

not error consistency

credits goes:
Body: Ghost Recon AW Developers
normalmap and ripped: me
hexed by: Stea1th

i know this model is old, but this time i’m more expert, and made a great rigged
the fingers are rigged too

hexed link:

Very nice looks awesome, good port

Thanks man! You are giving the community alot of nice models lately :slight_smile:

Awesome work!

Looks like a decent port.

Good job but urgh it’s an horrible model and the colours, ew.

I always wonder, did this ever had any tools to port out the files from that game?

yes, just download the last patch

The link don’t work

What that guy said.


Thanks for fixed the link sorry for my bad english

Oh so we just get the latest patch for the game or is there a tool we need to download for it?

just the last patch

Some of the textures look kinda wierd.

Could someone hex the model? I really want to use it but I also use my Urban too much to give it up.

i hope you don’t mind PREDAAATOR, i hexed it.
also, in addon format for easy installation and removal.

of course i dont mind man, is great, i’ll give you credits

Ah okay, thanks.

ia it me or do his hands look a lil oversized :?